Dr Ruth Nugent BA(Hons), MPhil, PhD, FHEA

UKRI Future Leader's Fellow Archaeology, Classics and Egyptology


Personal Statement

As an archaeologist specialising in Britain’s mortuary cultures from the 5th century AD onwards, I am passionate about our inherited dead. Completing my Leverhulme-funded PhD on 7th-21st century cathedral burials in 2016 at the University of Chester, followed by postdoctoral positions in mortuary archaeology and digital humanities at the universities of Chester, Exeter, and Lancaster, I combine archaeological, textual, and visual evidence with digital methods to explore long-term changes and continuities that impact our dead. I am always delighted to hear from anyone with similar interests, especially from prospective students in any of my research themes so please do contact me via email.

As a UKRI Future Leader's Fellow (Round 2) I lead the research programme "The Human Remains: Digital Library of British Historic Mortuary Science and Investigation" based in the Department of Archaeology, Classics and Egyptology (November 2019 - October 2026).

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