Equine research group

The University of Liverpool is one of the leading academic institutions conducting equine research in the UK and internationally. We regularly publish our work in world leading journals in the field of veterinary research and present our work at national and international conferences and to lay audiences.

We are a group of researchers with a common interest in undertaking research to improve the health and welfare of horses, ponies and donkeys in the UK and globally.

We comprise of a number of veterinary clinician researchers and non-clinician researchers based in the Department of Equine Clinical Science and other University of Liverpool departments with a broad range of research expertise covering areas such as epidemiology, parasitology, gastroenterology, metabolomics, proteomics, immunology, endocrinology, musculoskeletal biology, bacteriology and social-science based research.

ResearchersResearch StaffPGR Students
Prof. Debra Archer Amanda Davies  Matthew Cullen 
Dr. David Bardell Emma Kelly  Alexandra Gillen 
Dr. Harry Carslake Richard Mercer  Elizabeth Halliwell 
Prof. Peter Clegg   April Lawson 
Prof. Jane Hodgkinson    Amie Willson 
Dr. Joanne Ireland    
Prof. Paul Lunn    
Dr. Fernando Malalana    
Prof. Catherine McGowan    
Dr. Peter Milner    
Prof. Mandy Peffers    
Prof. Elizabeth Perkins    
Prof. Gina Pinchbeck    
Dr. Clare Scantlebury     
Prof. Mark Senior    
Dr. Rebecca Smith    
Prof. Soraya Shirazi-Beechey     
Dr. Dorina Timofte    
Prof. Nicola Williams    


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