Endometriosis 2 Gemma Ahearne and Ula McClurg

Living with Endometriosis, Personally and Professionally

HE colleagues' personal perspectives with Dr Gemma Ahearne and Dr Ula McClurg

Dr Gemma Ahearne is a University Teacher in Criminology based in the School of Law and Social Justice. Dr Gemma Ahearne is a committed activist, teacher and researcher within the sex industry, and her involvement in this area spans almost twenty years. Dr Gemma Ahearne is committed to innovative pedagogical approaches particularly since being diagnosed with Dyslexia in October 2020. Living with various disabilities Dr Gemma Ahearne is keen to explore inclusive ways of working and learning that build on individual strengths and respect differences. In addition to the above, Dr Gemma Ahearne runs a popular Criminology blog with over 6300 subscribers at www.plasticdollheadswordpress.com where her broad range of interests is discussed. Dr Gemma Ahearne can also be followed on twitter @princessjack.  

Dr Ula McClurg is a tenure track fellow in the department of molecular physiology and cell signalling at the University of Liverpool Institute of Systems, Molecular & Integrative Biology where she opened her laboratory 2 years ago. Ula’s group focuses on discovering how cells regulate the switching off of reproductive genes after fertilisation and why this process is commonly disregulated in cancer. Ula is also passionate about normalising disability in STEM, which is why she opened up about her disability after starting her tenure track. Ula’s goal is to make academia an inclusive environment for disabled scientists and she is actively involved in a disabled in STEM mentoring networks.  

In the podcast we discuss the impact that Endometriosis has had on Gemma and Ula’s lives and some of the ways we, as colleagues working in HE, could support those suffering from the condition.

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