Endometriosis #1 Faye Fathering

Supporting Colleagues to Understand the Facts, Myths and Tips

In conversation with Faye Fathering, Endometriosis UK

Faye Fathering is the Campaigns & Communications Manager for Endometriosis UK and manages the organization's media and campaigning work – which has included working with the BBC to interview over 10,000 people with the disease and working with MPs to launch an Inquiry in Parliament. She’s passionate about ensuring those with endometriosis have a voice and that care is improved.

In this podcast we introduce and discuss the condition Endometriosis which affects the lives of women, both in their personal life and in the workplace. We will be discussing what endometriosis is and the facts around the condition, tips for getting a diagnosis, tips for managing the condition, and busting the myths around Endometriosis.

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