AnatoMe and You - the importance of increasing inclusivity in anatomical education

In this podcast we chat with Craig Humphreys about the challenges facing anatomy education and the attempts being made to increase its inclusivity.


Craig Humphreys is a lecturer in anatomy at the University of Liverpool based in the Human Anatomy Resource Centre (HARC). He began his career as a teaching assistant in anatomy at the University of Glasgow before moving to the University of Liverpool in 2015 as ana anatomy demonstrator and part-time PhD student. 

Craig is currently the module organizer for the introduction to anatomy module for the Anatomy and Human Biology degree as well as the HARC lead for Health Sciences. The main aspect of his role as a lecturer is introducing students to anatomical concepts and how they will benefit their future practice and education. 

Craig is a keen chef, plant dad and amateur yoga enthusiast. Having grown up in Glasgow and a passionate football fan, he feels right at home in Liverpool where he lives with his fiancée.  

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