Stop being crazy busy and start adding value

In this podcast we chat with Zena Everett, Coach and Author of The Crazy Busy Cure, about how leaders need to manage time, focus and attention – their own and their teams.

Zena Everett

Zena Everett is a leadership coach and speaker on time management and careers. After starting and running a successful recruitment business for 15 years she did a master’s degree in organisational psychology and career management, then qualified in coaching psychology.  As well as individual leadership coaching, she runs in-house Aspiring Leaders programmes. Her first book, Mind Flip: Take the Fear out of Your Career is now in its third edition.  Her second, The Crazy Busy Cure, was an Amazon category best seller.  You can get more acquainted with Zena’s work by going to her YouTube channel and her website.  Zena lives in London with her family and spends her summers in West Cork.   

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