Dr Joseph Wolfenden

Name  Joseph Wolfenden
 Research Associate
 Address    Cockcroft Institute (S.30)
 Sci -Tech Daresbury
 University of Liverpool
 Warrington WA4 4AD, UK
 Phone  +44 (0) 1925 86 40 69 
 Email  joseph.wolfenden@cockcroft.ac.uk 



Joseph Wolfenden graduated from the University of Manchester with a Masters degree in Physics in July 2014.  After a year in industry as a technical and management consultant, in July 2015 he joined the QUASAR Group and began his PhD studies based at the Cockcroft institute. His work focussed on the development of novel beam diagnostics using both optical and THz radiation. This work involved experimental measurements at KEK (Japan), Diamond (UK), and MAX IV (Sweden). Imaging simulations produced during his studies produced a publication in a high impact optical journal (doi: 10.1364/OE.27.002988).

In January 2019, Joseph took over the directorship of the beam instrumentation commercialisation start-up company D-Beam. This is a spin out company from the University of Liverpool which aims to commercialise the beam diagnostic related research output of the department. A key success story has been the optical fibre beam loss monitor (doi: 10.3390/s23042248).

After completing his doctoral studies in March 2019, Joseph became a research associate. Now a senior researcher within the group, his work focuses on the development of novel beam instrumentation in frontier accelerators such as, the Advanced Wakefield Experiment (AWAKE) and the European Plasma Research Accelerator with Excellence In Applications (EuPRAXIA), and the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) to data analysis and accelerator controls. His is the AWAKE Deputy Team Leader for the University of Liverpool and a work package deputy leader for “Facility Design and Optimization” within EuPRAXIA Doctoral Network. He is also the Equality and Diversity Lead in Liverpool's Centre for Doctoral Training LIV.INNO.



DITA IIF - Advanced Optical Diagnostics for Charged Particle Beams

Beam loss monitors

Beam Halo

Very high resolution OTR