World-class research

The Quantum Systems and advanced Accelerator Research (QUASAR) Group is an internationally structured research group. We cover the development and experimental exploitation of particle accelerators and light sources.

LIV.INNO - driving innovation through data science

This video showcases Liverpool's STFC Centre for Doctoral Training for Innovation in Data Intensive Science (LIV.INNO) as an inclusive hub for training diverse cohorts of excellent students. The focus of the centre will be on addressing the data challenges presented by research in astronomy, nuclear, theoretical, particle and accelerator physics.


The QUASAR Group carries out world-class research in accelerator science and technology and has been leading large scale European training networks to educate the next generation of accelerator scientists and technologists for many years.


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Industry collaborations

Our partnerships and collaborations with external organisations are a vital part of the QUASAR Group research and development activities.

Outreach and communication

By putting public engagement at the heart of our research, we have inspired and educated broad audiences and raised public awareness of accelerator applications and R&D through innovative workshops and outreach events.