Velo Detector Image courtesy of HEP group


The QUASAR Group carries out world-class research in accelerator science and technology and has been leading large scale European training networks to educate the next generation of accelerator scientists and technologists for many years.

We are amongst the world-leaders in beam instrumentations development, beam dynamics studies for accelerators and light sources, and are in the process of building an internationally recognized profile in accelerator applications with a focus on the medical sector and beam instrumentation. Our research is realized in close collaboration with the other Cockcroft Institute (CI) stakeholders, enhanced by the facilities at Daresbury, as well as collaboration partners from around the world. 

Our principal research activities are: 

The QUASAR Group is also coordinating the EuPRAXIA Doctoral Network (EuPRAXIA-DN) and the Centre for Doctoral Training for Innovation in Data Intensive Science (LIV.INNO). We are a partner in the EuPRAXIA Preparatory Phase (EuPRAXIA-PP), FCCIS and AWAKE projects.

Previous projects coordinated by the QUASAR Group included DITANET, LA³NET, oPAC, OMA, AVA, SiPM, DITA-IIF, BeaPhy and the CDT LIV.DAT

‌You can also have a look at our Finished Research Projects.