Dr Alexander Hill

Name  Alexander Hill
 Data Science Fellow
 Address    The Oliver Lodge Laboratory
 University of Liverpool
 Cambridge St
 Liverpool, L69 7ZE, UK
  Email  a.d.hill@liverpool.ac.uk




In 2016 Alexander Hill graduated with an MPhys degree in Physics and Astronomy at Durham University. As part of his master’s dissertation, he used data from the MUSE spectrograph to study galaxies at the time of their peak star formation.

He started his PhD in 2017 as part of the LIV.DAT cohort, a doctoral training collaboration between Liverpool John Moores University and the University of Liverpool. His research focussed on using simulations of galaxy formation and evolution to study the orientations and alignments of galaxies with respect to their host dark matter halo and the cosmic web. His industrial placement took place at IBM Research UK, located at the Sci-Tech Daresbury campus. While at IBM, Alex researched the use of surrogate modelling in the approximation of complex simulations. After completing his PhD, he undertook a postdoctoral position within the Astrophysics Research Institute, studying the link between the clustering of galaxies and the assembly time of dark matter haloes.

His work within the Quasar Group will be to conduct R&D within the realm of data science, collaborate with students and staff on their projects, work with industry, and drive training and activities within the LIV.INNO and LIV.DAT programme.