Andrew Jones

Name  Andrew Jones
 PhD Student
 Address    The Oliver Lodge Laboratory
 University of Liverpool
 Cambridge St
 Liverpool, L69 7ZE, UK




Andrew Jones graduated from the University of Liverpool with a BSc in Physics in 2020. His BSc project focused on the analysis of clinical proton beam halos. Having completed this, he moved on to complete a Masters degree in Radiometrics with the University in 2021, where his MSc project focused on the performance of new scintillator detectors and shielding materials in mixed radiation applications. This project involved taking experimental data and validating it against MCNP simulations.

Andrew started his PhD with the University of Liverpool and joined the QUASAR Group in October 2022. His research focuses on developing new instrumentation technology for use in such mixed radiation applications, specifically for use in molten salt reactors.



Developing of instrumentation technologies for a future zero power reactor experiment on molten salt reactor