Student profile: Edward Wright

Why did you choose to study Philosophy, Politics and Economic (PPE) at the University of Liverpool?

The interdisciplinary nature was really appealing to me. It provided me with a wide range of angles to approach both my modules and the wider world. Specific modules such as Political Philosophy and International Political Economy really take advantage of those opportunities to apply knowledge across subjects.


What do you enjoy most about the course, and why?

The ability to meet a wide range of students from across different courses is really valuable. For example, my Business Ethics module has Business students, Law students and Accounting students among others despite being run by the Philosophy department which allows me to engage with a really wide range of the student body.


Can you tell us about an exciting project you have completed on your course?

As somebody who had never studied Philosophy before my course, I was surprised to find myself become so passionate about an essay I wrote in my first year about Clive Bell’s theory of what makes good art. The positive feedback really helped reinforce that taking an interest and being passionate about what you do can be incredibly rewarding and can come from unlikely places.

 Rapid fire questions with Edward Wright

What does Liverpool have to offer as a city?

Liverpool to me is a perfect size of city. It's large enough to accommodate anything you’re interested in, there will always be something for you and it has the facilities of a larger city like Manchester or Birmingham while also being small enough to offer a sense of community and belonging that can go missing in other, larger cities.


Can you tell us about the teaching methods/how your learning has been facilitated?

The wide range of teaching you find specifically in the PPE course is fantastic as you there’s always going to be a style that really clicks with you specifically. You have the lecture – problem set – tutorial system in the Economics department that contrasts well with the lecture – reading – seminar system found in Politics and Philosophy that encourages open dialogue and communication.


What extra-or co-curricular activities do you take part in, and how do these affect your student experience?

I’m a member of the Band Society and member of two bands. There’s always bars in Liverpool looking to put on a gig and the society itself is really active in putting its own events on such as the battle-of-the-bands. For any music lovers, playing or listening, Liverpool provides in spades.


What are your ambitions for the future and how will your experiences at the University of Liverpool help you in your future career?

I’m looking to move forward into post-graduate study and possibly a PhD following that. The research basis nature of the University means that students can take part in research placements that provide a great academic skill set for anyone looking to advance into post-graduate studies.


If you could go back, what advice would you have given yourself before going to University?

Learn how to cook a few more meals and get a coffee cup. You’ll be amazed how much money you save making coffee at home to take into university instead of buying on campus.