Shall we rethink posters?

There's been a bit of a buzz recently about posters, and some of us thought a bit about this. Here is the article, also to be published in BMSS Mass Matters. [More...]

CPR team wins prize at BiotechYES competition

Postcard from HUPO

Sam Ferries gives us a postcard from HUPO in Dublin this year. [More...]

It's that time again - thesis submission!

Congratulations to Becka, Gemma and Richard on the successful submission of their PhD theses! The vivi voce examinations are to come of course, but they are all in employment, and raring to get back to the bench! [More...]

Wild mice in Zurich!

MUPs in wild mice, a meeting in Zurich [More...]

Another new paper on glycan characterisation from Eyers team

In an exciting advance to our earlier work using ion mobility-mass spectrometry for glycan characterisation Claire and colleagues have published an article in Analytical Chemistry on the application of IM-MS and IR spectroscopy for 'Bottom up elucidation of glycosidic bond stereochemistry' [More...]

New paper on glycan arrays from Eyers team

Claire Eyers, Jerry Turnbull and colleagues in the Manchester Institute of Biotechnology have recently published a paper in Analytical Chemistry describing a ‘Label-Free Discovery Array Platform for the Characterisation of Glycan Binding Proteins and Glycoproteins’. Methods to define carbohydrate-protein interactions are essential to understand the central biological roles of these complex biomolecules. [More...]

Stephen wins poster prize

Stephen won a poster prize at the G2S away day today, judged and awarded by pre-University students. His poster was commended for the science, application and clarity. [More...]