The crates are back in town

The arrival of new instruments… [More...]

Major MRC funding for enabling technologies

LC-MS or GC-MS for metabolomics, charge based western blotting and a mass cytometer [More...]

New BBSRC ALERT 14 grant

High resolution instrument for top down proteomics. [More...]

New BBSRC Grant to develop MS Imaging at Liverpool

Two imaging instruments for CPR [More...]

Two new ion mobility equipped QToF Instruments from Waters

PFG Lab Opening

New lab opened by Prof Douglas Kell, Chief Executive of BBSRC. [More...]

New instrumentation

Two new instruments to mark the move to the new laboratory! [More...]

New laboratory space starting!

20th September: work started on the new laboratories in the Biosciences Building. Photos now on-line [here]. [More...]

Installation of our Synapt G2

Our Synapt G2 is due for install this week! [More...]

Installation of our Velos Orbitrap

Our new Thermo Velos Orbitrap has been installed. [More...]