The Centre for proteome Research delivers research programmes focused on the function of proteins and metabolites in a complex range of biological systems.

Working with animal systems

Most of our work relates to animal systems, as would be anticipated from our pevious 'home', in the Faculty of Veterinary Science. We apply state of the art methods of proteomics and metabolomics to tackle problems in animal health and welfare. The 'Themes' and Projects' section of the web site will provide specific information.

Method development

A good deal of our work is also dedicated to the development of new experimental approaches, the application of which may extend beyond animal biology. These have included novel approaches to absolute quantification (QconCAT) and a new approach to streamline proteomics workflows (positional proteomics).

What you will find here
  • A snapshot of our research
  • A brief description of ongoing research programmes and grants
  • Our published output
  • A description of our facilities
  • Some useful tools and facilities