Each member of the group has their own page, accessed from here.
Ex-lab members, our alumni, are on a separate page accessed at the bottom.
  • Alumni
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  • Undergraduate, MRes, MSc and MBiol Sci Students
    To be announced

  • Visitors, Collaborators and Friends
    Prof. Richard Bayliss (Leeds)
    Prof. Perdita Barran (Manchester)
    Dr Emoke Bendixen, Aarhus University
    Prof Enitan Carroll, Alder Hey
    Prof. Sarah Coupland (ITM)
    Prof. Sabine Flitsch (Manchester)
    Prof Simon Hubbard, University of Manchester
    Prof Jane Hurst, Institute of Integrative Biology
    Dr Jessica Pearson, Archaeology, Liverpool
    Prof. Neil Perkins (Newcastle)
    Professor Peipei Ping, UCLA
    Dr Paula Stockley, Institute of Integrative Biology
    Dr Nobuaki Takemori, Ehime University