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M.Sc. Medical genetics, University of Sheffield
Ph.D. University of Sheffield

Recent publications [here]

I graduated with an MSc in Medical Genetics from The University of Sheffield in 2012. In the last year of my degree I studied polarised growth in Candida albicans using in vivo fluorescence microscopy. I continued working with this fungus during my PhD, which I did at the same university and under the supervision of Professors Peter Sudbury and Mark Dickman. My main project involved adapting the SILAC technique to Candida and applying it to do proteome-wide screens for kinase and phosphatase interactions. This is when I first started using mass spectrometry and became very intrigued in this technology.

Following my PhD, I continued working on the same project for two more years. In 2018, I took up a Research Assistant position at the Proteomics and Metabolomics Facility at MRC London Institute of Medical Sciences. There, I collaborated with researchers from the Institute on a wide variety of projects involving mass spectrometry and developed my skills in the field further. In 2020, I started working at the Centre for Proteome Research at the University of Liverpool as a Research Associate in the Shared Research Facility. I am very happy to be part of a highly knowledgable team of mass spec experts and I look forward to learning from them and contributing to the research at CPR.