Installation of our Synapt G2

Our Synapt G2 is due for install this week! [More...]

Installation of our Velos Orbitrap

Our new Thermo Velos Orbitrap has been installed. [More...]

News from 2009

  • Dec - Welcome Baby Lupe Gomez-Baena!
  • Dec - Amy successfully defended her thesis. Congratulations, Dr Claydon!
  • Nov - Mandy Peffers joins us on her Wellcome Trust Fellowship. Welcome Mandy!
  • Oct - Stu successfully defended his thesis Congratulations, Dr Armstrong!
  • Sept Installation of our Waters Synapt and a Waters Xevo QqQ for quantitative studies
  • Aug - Jenny and John create an unbreakable covalent bond. Congratulations!
  • June - Phil Brownridge and Victoria Harman join us for the big proteome project. Welcome both!
  • April - Lupe Gomez-Baena joins us from Cordoba as a Marie Curie Research fellow for biomarker studies. Welcome Lupe!
  • Feb - Amy rejoins us to work on ribosome proteomics. Welcome back, Amy
  • Feb - Rob starts his sabbatical in earnest, and is working as a BBSRC Industrial Exchange Visitor at Waters in Manchester
  • Jan - We received formal notification of our large grant on global quantitative proteomics