Shall we rethink posters?

There's been a bit of a buzz recently about posters, and some of us thought a bit about this. Here is the article, also to be published in BMSS Mass Matters. [More...]

Wild mice in Zurich!

MUPs in wild mice, a meeting in Zurich [More...]

Being a mass spec postdoc

“A day in the life of…” A nice article by Stephen on being a postdoc, published in Mass Matters, the BMSS house magazine. [More...]

Of scripts, actors, costumes and prostheses

A small correction [More...]

New PhD opportunities in cell signalling and proteomics

Two new training opportunities within CPR [More...]

Poster of our work

Vicky prepared a poster of our recent work. It will make it to the noticeboard when we can get to it again. At the moment, we can’t see the board from crates. In the meantime, here’s a PDF of the publications. [PDF] [More...]

Darcin in the news

New darcin paper published in Science, and a strange reference to the same protein. [More...]

New laboratory space starting!

20th September: work started on the new laboratories in the Biosciences Building. Photos now on-line [here]. [More...]

News from 2005

  • We've purchased a Thermo-Electron TSQ Discovery Triple Quadrupole system to support proteomics and metabolomics
  • Our novel method for quantitative proteomics is published in Nature Methods
  • We ran the first instance of the NERC hands-on proteomics course
  • We've installed a Proxeon nanoLC system
  • Our paper on positional proteomics of N-terminal peptides has been published in Nature Methods
  • We took delivery of a Kratos/Shimadzu Biotech Axima CFR Tof^2 MALDI MS and Accuspot robot, to develop LC-MALDI.
  • We've installed two Dionex Ultimate 3000 nanoLC systems

Proteomics: 1 Plate Tectonics: 0

ProteoMMX: Strictly Quantitative [More...]

News from 2006

  • Our buffer calculation web site is finally transferred to a new home.
  • We took several posters to the 'Genomes to Systems' meeting in Manchester. [all posters under Research/Publications]
  • We took several poster to ASMS, Seattle.
  • Two of our papers have been cited in "Faculty of 1000"
  • We presented our work at the British Society for Proteome Research in Cambridge
  • We hosted, with the Mammalian Behaviour and Evolution Group, the International Symposium on "Chemical Signals in Vertebrates" at The University of Chester
  • We've installed our Waters Micromass GC-ToF for metabolite/semiochemistry research
  • We've installed a second Proxeon nanoLC system

New lab members

Two new PhD students join the group [More...]

News from 2009

  • Dec - Welcome Baby Lupe Gomez-Baena!
  • Dec - Amy successfully defended her thesis. Congratulations, Dr Claydon!
  • Nov - Mandy Peffers joins us on her Wellcome Trust Fellowship. Welcome Mandy!
  • Oct - Stu successfully defended his thesis Congratulations, Dr Armstrong!
  • Sept Installation of our Waters Synapt and a Waters Xevo QqQ for quantitative studies
  • Aug - Jenny and John create an unbreakable covalent bond. Congratulations!
  • June - Phil Brownridge and Victoria Harman join us for the big proteome project. Welcome both!
  • April - Lupe Gomez-Baena joins us from Cordoba as a Marie Curie Research fellow for biomarker studies. Welcome Lupe!
  • Feb - Amy rejoins us to work on ribosome proteomics. Welcome back, Amy
  • Feb - Rob starts his sabbatical in earnest, and is working as a BBSRC Industrial Exchange Visitor at Waters in Manchester
  • Jan - We received formal notification of our large grant on global quantitative proteomics

News from 2007

  • We took delivery of our second ThermoElectron LTQ system, coupled to a Dionex Ultimate 3000
  • Ian successfully defended his PhD thesis. Congratulations, Dr Edwards!
  • We presented posters at the 4th joint BSPR/EBI meeting in Hinxton
  • We were awarded a new BBSRC grant with Simon Hubbard (Manchester) to develop our positional proteomics approach to rational proteome simplification
  • We were awarded a new BBSRC grant with Daniel Coca (Sheffield) to extend our studies on FPGA computing to MS/MS and Quantification data

News from 2008

  • We've been joined by a new student, Andie Pennington. Welcome Andie!
  • We've ordered our third Dionex Ultimate 3000, this one will supply the maXis
  • At last, the MaxiS is coming! Photo diary to follow.At 3m tall, it will be major installation challenge, on the first floor of a building with no lifts!
  • We presented two posters at the Siena Proteomics meeting
  • Rowan successfully defended her PhD thesis. Congratulations, Dr Moore!
  • We presented four posters at the HUPO meeting in Amsterdam
  • We have been awarded a new BBSRC grant to work on supramolecular assembly and dynamics, with colleagues in Manchester
  • Jenny successfully defended her PhD thesis. Congratulations, Dr Rivers!
  • We ordered our Bruker MaxiS QToFsystem (resolution=50,000, accuracy=<1ppm, 20Hz acquisition)

Graduation 2010

Amy, Stu, Jennifer all graduate this year! [More...]

New Web Site

Our new web site [More...]