Major MRC funding for enabling technologies

LC-MS or GC-MS for metabolomics, charge based western blotting and a mass cytometer [More...]

New BBSRC Grant to develop MS Imaging at Liverpool

Two imaging instruments for CPR [More...]

Two new ion mobility equipped QToF Instruments from Waters

New instrumentation

Two new instruments to mark the move to the new laboratory! [More...]

New laboratory space starting!

20th September: work started on the new laboratories in the Biosciences Building. Photos now on-line [here]. [More...]

News from 2005

  • We've purchased a Thermo-Electron TSQ Discovery Triple Quadrupole system to support proteomics and metabolomics
  • Our novel method for quantitative proteomics is published in Nature Methods
  • We ran the first instance of the NERC hands-on proteomics course
  • We've installed a Proxeon nanoLC system
  • Our paper on positional proteomics of N-terminal peptides has been published in Nature Methods
  • We took delivery of a Kratos/Shimadzu Biotech Axima CFR Tof^2 MALDI MS and Accuspot robot, to develop LC-MALDI.
  • We've installed two Dionex Ultimate 3000 nanoLC systems

News from 2006

  • Our buffer calculation web site is finally transferred to a new home.
  • We took several posters to the 'Genomes to Systems' meeting in Manchester. [all posters under Research/Publications]
  • We took several poster to ASMS, Seattle.
  • Two of our papers have been cited in "Faculty of 1000"
  • We presented our work at the British Society for Proteome Research in Cambridge
  • We hosted, with the Mammalian Behaviour and Evolution Group, the International Symposium on "Chemical Signals in Vertebrates" at The University of Chester
  • We've installed our Waters Micromass GC-ToF for metabolite/semiochemistry research
  • We've installed a second Proxeon nanoLC system

Installation of our Synapt G2

Our Synapt G2 is due for install this week! [More...]

Installation of our Velos Orbitrap

Our new Thermo Velos Orbitrap has been installed. [More...]

News from 2009

  • Dec - Welcome Baby Lupe Gomez-Baena!
  • Dec - Amy successfully defended her thesis. Congratulations, Dr Claydon!
  • Nov - Mandy Peffers joins us on her Wellcome Trust Fellowship. Welcome Mandy!
  • Oct - Stu successfully defended his thesis Congratulations, Dr Armstrong!
  • Sept Installation of our Waters Synapt and a Waters Xevo QqQ for quantitative studies
  • Aug - Jenny and John create an unbreakable covalent bond. Congratulations!
  • June - Phil Brownridge and Victoria Harman join us for the big proteome project. Welcome both!
  • April - Lupe Gomez-Baena joins us from Cordoba as a Marie Curie Research fellow for biomarker studies. Welcome Lupe!
  • Feb - Amy rejoins us to work on ribosome proteomics. Welcome back, Amy
  • Feb - Rob starts his sabbatical in earnest, and is working as a BBSRC Industrial Exchange Visitor at Waters in Manchester
  • Jan - We received formal notification of our large grant on global quantitative proteomics

News from 2007

  • We took delivery of our second ThermoElectron LTQ system, coupled to a Dionex Ultimate 3000
  • Ian successfully defended his PhD thesis. Congratulations, Dr Edwards!
  • We presented posters at the 4th joint BSPR/EBI meeting in Hinxton
  • We were awarded a new BBSRC grant with Simon Hubbard (Manchester) to develop our positional proteomics approach to rational proteome simplification
  • We were awarded a new BBSRC grant with Daniel Coca (Sheffield) to extend our studies on FPGA computing to MS/MS and Quantification data

News from 2008

  • We've been joined by a new student, Andie Pennington. Welcome Andie!
  • We've ordered our third Dionex Ultimate 3000, this one will supply the maXis
  • At last, the MaxiS is coming! Photo diary to follow.At 3m tall, it will be major installation challenge, on the first floor of a building with no lifts!
  • We presented two posters at the Siena Proteomics meeting
  • Rowan successfully defended her PhD thesis. Congratulations, Dr Moore!
  • We presented four posters at the HUPO meeting in Amsterdam
  • We have been awarded a new BBSRC grant to work on supramolecular assembly and dynamics, with colleagues in Manchester
  • Jenny successfully defended her PhD thesis. Congratulations, Dr Rivers!
  • We ordered our Bruker MaxiS QToFsystem (resolution=50,000, accuracy=<1ppm, 20Hz acquisition)