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Laura Monikowska Laura Monikowska Summer Palace Beijing

Laura Monikowska: XJTLU, China

"I believe, such experience is truly life changing lesson and I cannot stress enough how much I have learned"

Olivia Bennett

Olivia Bennett: Georgia, USA

"It was really fun being part of such a large international community of students as we all got to hang out a lot."

Sophie Irwin Sophie Irwin, Oslo

Sophie Irwin: Oslo, Norway

"It opens your eyes to a new culture and a new way of living and just makes you a better, more rounded person"

Daniel White

Daniel White: Copenhagen, Denmark

"I feel much better-rounded as a Management School student thanks to study abroad"

Wiktoria Bres Wiktoria Bres Marseille

Wiktoria Bres: Marseille, France

"It is a great opportunity to meet new people from around the world and build connections with them"

Maddie Wong

Maddie Wong: Hong Kong

"Not many universities have this opportunity and it will look great on your CV. It's also a great experience which you will never forget."

Callum Kyle Callum Kyle Copenhagen

Callum Kyle: Copenhagen, Denmark

"I met some great people and learnt a great deal; academically and about different cultural perceptions and how other countries operate."

Nephele Yeager

Nephele Yeager: Hong Kong

"I believed that being able to spend a semester in a new city which would enable me to truly explore and understand business studies from a different cultural and academic perspective in the classroom, and another culture outside."

Megan Purcell Megan Purcell Study Abroad Toronto

Megan Purcell: Toronto, Canada

"I have always considered myself a motivated student. Being immersed in this new environment has given me a short glimpse of what I can achieve if I put my mind to it. I am finally realising that these experiences are here for the taking!"

Jordan Rimmer Jordan Rimmer Toulouse

Jordan Rimmer: France

"Living in another country is just a rewarding experience in itself, it makes you feel amazing if you just embrace it."

Bakyt Kuntuarova Bakyt Kuntuarova Hong Kong

Bakyt Kuntuarova: Hong Kong

"There are not enough words to describe how amazing the experience was, or how much I have learned..."

Joe Jones Joe Jones, Year in China

Joe Jones: China

"It really was the best year of my life. I saw so many new places, got to try so many new things and discovered all that the world has to offer."

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