Laura Monikowska, Mountain in Shangri La

Laura Monikowska

BA International Business

XJTLU, China

Top three tips for Studying Abroad:

1. Be curious and discover the unknown

2. Do not be afraid and take a chance on every opportunity

3. Be open-minded and absorb the new culture

Why did you choose to Study Abroad?

Travelling and learning about other cultures is one of my biggest passion. I like to go out of my comfort zone and seek for new experiences and studying abroad fallen perfectly into my lifestyle pattern.

What skills have you developed by Studying Abroad?

I have definitely built up my awareness that is, being in such different culture as Chinese, has altered (positively of course) my perception of the world, developed adaptability and helped to become more resilient.

What were your highlights of Studying Abroad?

It is hard to choose one or even ten things however, I would say the two most important ‘categories’  are travelling and people. The landscapes, nature, cities and villages around Asia were just breath-taking and going way beyond imagination. China was also the place where I truly learned the meaning of selfless kindness. Beautiful place with beautiful people.

What did you get up to on Study Abroad when you were not studying?

Getting to know better the Chinese culture by travelling around, spending time with locals, trying traditional food, participating in cultural events, just live the life to the fullest.

What challenges did you face when Studying Abroad and how did you solve them?

The main challenge, I believe, was the language barrier. Unfortunately, in China not many people speak English. Therefore, there was often situation where I was confused or even lost and seeking for help was almost impossible. Luckily, there are many ways to overcome this issue, for example, of course online translator and in case you do not have a phone there is always the ‘sign language’.

Why should other students Study Abroad?

I believe, such experience is truly life changing lesson and I cannot stress enough how much I have learned not only about the Chinese culture but also myself. Of course, there is possibility that the experience will not be as incredible as we imagined but what if it actually will be better than that? You will not know until you try.

Laura Monikowska, Dinner in Suzhou