Joe Jones, Year in China

Joe Jones

BA Business Economics

Year in China

Top three tips for Studying Abroad:

1. Learn the language…or at least try! It sounds cliché but it gets you so much further and your experience will be so much greater
2. See as much of the country you are in, as possible!
3. Think of something you would never be able to do in your home country and just do it!

Why did you choose to Study Abroad?

I chose to study abroad because I have always loved other cultures. When I saw the University offered China as a study abroad programme it was the perfect fit. I thought when I am ever going to be able to go to China to live for a year. I’m so glad I did it because I found out how much I love China and the Chinese culture. I recently had a job interview to move back to China; something that would have never happened if I had not gone.

Studying abroad definitely makes you more employable, but I think even more importantly, it really has changed my outlook. I came back to University more motivated having seen so many things and wanting to be able to see the world and explore more. I really believe I wouldn’t be doing as well at Uni as I am now if I hadn’t gone abroad.

What skills have you developed by Studying Abroad?

  • Communication – it is amazing how long you can talk to random Chinese people on a 12-hour sleeper train when you know only the basics and they speak no English.
  • Professional skills – through my work experience in a Chinese office. As well as cross cultural communication in a business setting
  • Networking
  • Rediscovering how to make new friends

What were your highlights of Studying Abroad?

Spending a week travelling around China on sleeper trains with my friends, we met so many people on the trains from all across China who told us about their life.

What did you get up to on Study Abroad when you were not studying?

  • Going to Chinese clubs, which are surprisingly fun and even cheaper than Liverpool
  • Playing basketball, which I’d never played before
  • Eating lots and lots of food and trying so many new things like a fermented egg

What challenges did you face when Studying Abroad and how did you solve them?

Managing university and also my internship, it was really trying at times but I was able to do it and learnt so much about time management.

Why should other students Study Abroad?

It just opens up so many opportunities. I was due to go on a paid internship last summer, which I definitely wouldn’t have got without studying abroad. I also have several job interviews for jobs in China next year, all of which would definitely have never been possible. Aside from that, it really was the best year of my life. I saw so many new places, got to try so many new things and discovered all that the world has to offer.