Alumni and Friends Fund grant applications

In addition to supporting the University’s fundraising priorities, a proportion of the money raised through the Alumni and Friends Fund is made available to support one-off projects across the University.

Students, staff or societies can apply for funding of up to £5,000 to support projects which could include improving student facilities or enhancing communal spaces, providing students with opportunities not otherwise available to them (academic or extracurricular), or for initiatives that enable students and the University to engage with the local community i.e. student outreach activity that enhances the student experience.

Funds are distributed annually, and applications are invited from representatives from clubs and societies registered with the Guild of Students or Athletics Union and University of Liverpool academic and professional services staff.

If you have an idea that will either:

  • Support the student experience
  • Offer the widest possible benefit, i.e. to the University as a whole or to a large constituency. Projects benefiting only one individual will be given lowest priority
  • Meet a clearly expressed student, academic or overall University need
  • Require one-off funding
  • Offer long-term benefit or added value. Requests for pump-priming for new initiatives, that will leverage funds from other sources, will be welcomed.

We will consider match-funding smaller projects. Projects requiring part funding will only be considered if the rest of the project funds are available.

Last year, we were able to support a number of projects including the Liverpool Judo Club who recieved funding to purchase 172m training mats, allowing the team to relocate their club to larger training area to accomodate more members. 

You can read more about last year's award recipients here.

Applications have now closed.

Students from the Judo Club

Without the funds from the Alumni and Friends it just wouldn’t be possible to be in the fortunate position that we are. We have estimated that we can now safely accommodate up to 20 more members for next year and we couldn’t be happier!

Mustafa Elsherkisi, Judo Club President

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