You have reached Chris Michael's pages about diving, shipwrecks, marine research, books and boating:

For information on diving (mainly Liverpool Bay); diving from MARLIN; about MARLIN (a Mitchell 31 Mark II).
  Summary of recent trips. Info on possible next MARLIN trip.

For information on detecting shipwrecks:
  Interpreting magnetometer data to deduce properties of shipwrecks; Use your mobile phone to detect a shipwreck.
  Sonar surveying and Crowd-sourced Charting

For information on books about shipwrecks: overview or to ORDER ,
  Wrecks of Liverpool Bay (1994) also Updated information
  Wrecks of Liverpool Bay Volume II (2008) also Updated information; Additional Liverpool Bay wrecks.
  Liverpool Hurricane of 1839 (2014) also Updated information
  Lelia (2004) (American Civil War blockade runner lost on maiden voyage in Liverpool Bay)
  Wreck Summaries: Dee Estuary (2017);   Early SS (2017);   Emigrant ships(2018);   Liverpool Sailing Packets(2018);   Miscellaneous(2018).

Information on navigation:   Cruising the Dee estuary;   Cruising the Mersey;   Cruising the Irish Sea ;
  MARLIN cruises in the Irish Sea area . Wildlife
  Boating Rants:   Not for navigation; Fishing floats; Firing Ranges; the Green Bits.

Summaries of experience with boat equipment: Tank level sender and display; Solar Panels; Electric cooking; Electric Capstan; Boat electrics; Boat networks; Sonar kit; Hot water on tap; Seagull Defence;..

Some marine history:     Liverpool involvement in the American Civil War: Building BlockadeRunners and CSS Florida.
  The earliest detailed charts of Welsh ports and anchorages by Lewis Morris in 1748

Information on Cubbin's Green (part of Wirral Country Park close to sea-shore South of West Kirby) (or here).