You have reached Chris Michael's pages about diving, shipwrecks, marine research, books and boating:

For information on diving: Liverpool Bay and Anecdotes; History of dive tables; Salvage diving - history.
  Diving from MARLIN; recent trips; possible next MARLIN trip.

For information on detecting shipwrecks: Interpreting magnetometer data to deduce properties of shipwrecks;
  Use your mobile phone to detect a shipwreck; Sonar surveying and Crowd-sourced Charting.

For information on books about shipwrecks: overview or to ORDER,
  Wrecks of Liverpool Bay (1994) also Updated information
  Wrecks of Liverpool Bay Volume II (2008) also Updated information; Additional Liverpool Bay wrecks.
  Liverpool Hurricane of 1839 (2014) also Updated information
  Lelia (2004) (American Civil War blockade runner lost on maiden voyage in Liverpool Bay)
Wreck Summaries (web): Dee Estuary (2019);   Early SS (2020);   Emigrant ships(2019);   Liverpool Sailing Packets(2019);   More wrecks(2020).

Information on navigation:   Cruising the Dee estuary;   Cruising the Mersey;   Cruising the Irish Sea;
  MARLIN cruises in the Irish Sea area; Wildlife
  Boating Rants:   Not for navigation; Fishing floats; Firing Ranges; the Green Bits.

Summaries of experience with boat equipment: Fuel tank level; Exhaust Alarm; Solar Panels; Electric cooking; Electric Capstan; Boat electrics; Boat networks; Sonar kit; Hot water on tap; Seagull Defence

Some marine history: The earliest detailed charts of Welsh ports and anchorages by Lewis Morris in 1748.
  Liverpool involvement in the American Civil War: Building BlockadeRunners and CSS Florida.

Information on Cubbin's Green (part of Wirral Country Park close to sea-shore South of West Kirby) (or here).