Plans of harbours, bars, bays and roads in St. George's Channel by Lewis Morris 1748

Introductory text

Plates (from Lewis Morris original or from later William Morris reprint):

These are each quite large files: about 1 Mbyte

Published separately: Chart of the coast of Wales in St. George's Channel. This chart was the first to describe the causeways in Cardigan Bay (Sarn Badrig, etc) unlike previous charts.

Text of Cartouche of this large chart here

For some biographical information about Lewis Morris see Welsh National Library ; Antique map dealer information and article by A.H.W. Robinson (Lewis Morris an Early Welsh Hydrographer. Journal of Navigation, 11, pp 344-355 (1958))


In 1800 William Morris (son of Lewis) republished the above (largely unchanged but with some soundings and leading lines modified) plus some additional charts [see also here]:

  1. Plan of the bays, bar and harbours of Liverpool and Chester.
  2. Amlwch port in the north of Anglesey.
  3. Bardsey Isle in Welsh Ynys Enllif.
  4. Aberaeron and New Key bar and harbours.
  5. Carmarthen, Lougharn and Cydwely bay, bar and harbours.
  6. Burry bay, bar and harbour.
  7. Swansea, Neath, Aberavon and the Mumble Flats bay, bar and harbours.
  8. Plan of the bay and harbour of Dublin

Also the overall chart "now extended by an actual survey"

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