Mitchell 31 Mark 2

MARLIN is a Mitchell 31 Mark II workboat. She has a 6 litre diesel engine, has a displacement speed of 7 knots and a cruising speed of 11-13 knots (depending on load carried). She has comfortable accommodation for 3 overnight and for 8 on day trips.

MARLIN complies with the requirements of the MCA Code of Practice for Workboats (Cat 2 - up to 60 miles offshore).

Brochure page 1; page 2. Also Exploded Plan.
Freeing port to enable rope around prop to be removed: illustration.

[Mitchell 31 Mark I had a wheelhouse open at rear, more pointed transom with transom-hung rudder, different underwater shape,..]

Page from Motor Boat and Yachting (July 1999) "Ten most beautiful production boats of all time" which ranks Mitchell 31 Mk II as number 9.

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