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Wrecks of Liverpool Bay

Wrecks of Liverpool Bay ( more info here ) available from Liverpool Marine Press at £8.99 plus postage (see book ordering).

For some known errata and updated information

Wrecks of Liverpool Bay Volume 2

Volume 2 ( more info here ) available from Liverpool Marine Press at £9.95 plus postage (see book ordering).

For some known errata and updated information

For additional wrecks not included in these books, see here .


LELIA, book published by Countyvise (in association with Liverpool Marine Press) ( more info here ), about the history, tragic maiden voyage, and subsequent discovery by the author of the wreck in Liverpool Bay of the Blockade Runner built in Liverpool for the Confederates.

LELIA is available from local bookshops, from Countyvise [Countyvise ceased trading in 2015], or from Liverpool Marine Press (price £9.50 plus postage) (see book ordering)

The Liverpool Hurricane of 1839

More info here .
  Available free digitally to those who have purchased Wrecks of Liverpool Bay (either volume). Available as a .pdf file, as a generic e-book file (.epub) or as a kindle file(.mobi).
  Quote the first word of the text on page 15 of either WLB or WLBv2 to qualify for a free .pdf, .epub or .mobi file which will be e-mailed to you -- Send E-mail to request pdf; Send E-mail to request epub; Send E-mail to request mobi.

Some updated information (The origin of India Pale Ale,...?).

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