Wrecks of Liverpool Bay


Book is 86 pages with 31 black and white illustrations. First published 1994.

Note that this book is still in print and is not superseded by Volume 2 (which describes additional wrecks)

Description of book:

Liverpool Bay has seen many dramatic and tragic shipwrecks. Chris Michael conveys the drama, heroism and tragedy of shipwrecks in Liverpool Bay. Shipwrecks from the last century include: the fire on the emigrant sailing ship Ocean Monarch, the sinking of the confederate blockade runner Lelia and the capsize of a Liverpool Lifeboat coming to her rescue, the loss of the first powered submarine Resurgam and the sinking by collision of the Blue Riband holder City of Brussels. The loss of the Isle of Man ferry Ellan Vannin and the submarine Thetis are more recent tradegies. The author has pieced together fascinating accounts of the spate of wartime losses to enemy mines.

In all 30 wrecks are discussed and illustrated. He is a diver who has personally explored 18 of these wrecks and his reports on the present state of the wreckage and marine life at the bottom of Liverpool Bay will interest divers and anglers especially. Price £8.99 ISBN 0 9524315 0 5     ISBN13 978-0952431503

He provides a full account of the following offshore shipwrecks:

Ocean Monarch Cairnross Calcium
City of Brussels Chagres Mancunium
Lelia Counsellor Penrhos
Resurgam Dosinia Speke
Thetis Stanleigh Lightship Alarm
Dublin Nestos Anti-aircraft Forts
Ellan Vannin Gorsethorn Penstone
Muster Ystroom Berwyn
El Oso

Chapter Headings

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