The Liverpool Hurricane of 1839


Book is 47 pages with 13 illustrations (mostly in colour).
First published by Liverpool Marine Press 2014 ( electronically as a .pdf file).

Description of book:

The hurricane of 1839 left a trail of destruction across Ireland and northern England. The biggest loss of life (106 persons) was to shipping near Liverpool. Several trans-atlantic passenger vessels were total wrecks. Details of the storm, shipping losses and tragedies are presented. The rescue attempts and aftermath are described. This huge loss of life resulted in a much improved life-saving service. Contemporary paintings are included which give a vivid picture of the scene.

ISBN 0 9524315 2 1     ISBN13 978-0952431527

He provides a full account of the following shipwrecks:

Lockwoods Pennsylvania St Andrew
Brighton Oxford Cambridge
Victoria Endeavour Crusader
Harvest Home

Chapter Headings

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