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Wrecks of Liverpool Bay and Lelia

Author of two books of Wrecks of Liverpool Bay and one about the wreck of Lelia. Click here for more information.

Diving Liverpool Bay

Transport to the wrecks: MARLIN

Transport to the wrecks

For some information on Liverpool Bay diving and MARLIN trips see Marlin Trip

For a brief summary of recent diving from MARLIN see Marlin dives 2009-present and next trip info

One of the wrecks lying in Liverpool Bay:

The paddle wheel of the LELIA

The wreck of the Lightship ALARM in Liverpool Bay:

ALARM movie clip

To see Introduction to Wreck Detectives TV programme about the LELIA:
(If not directed to required video: enter "wreck detectives lelia" in Youtube search box)

Some special dives..

For a brief account of a rather special dive trip in MARLIN (to St. Kilda) see Marlin St Kilda Trip

Manta rays in the Maldives: mantas movie clip

Summary of dives

Diving links

For some wreck info on Liverpool Bay (mostly based on the above books) see Ukdiving

For comprehensive wreck information (from the UK Hydrographic Office) see . This site only gives accurate positions if you subscribe.

For excellent dive guides to North Wales (Barmouth to Great Orme) see here by Chris Holden. [Barmouth to Porth Dinllaen and Port Dinllaen to South Stack are now issued in revised versions as a 2 volume e-book: highly recommended].