The University of Liverpool estate is extremely diverse and supports a wide variety of habitats and ecological diversity, including built urban environments, amenity land, woodlands, pastures and agricultural land, formally landscaped grounds and a botanic garden. By preserving these we are contributing to human wellbeing and conserving existing ecological and biodiversity resources on campus.

Learn about our diverse estate, some of the projects that contribute to our vision for biodiversity, and discover how you can help to protect and preserve it at the University.

The Biodiversity Action Group's objective is to be a species and habitat-rich campus, supporting biodiversity to thrive by enhancing the quality, extent and management of green spaces across our University estate.

Ness Gardens Virtual Tour: The Mediterranean Bank

Explore one of our most colourful and vibrant areas of the University's Ness Gardens, the Mediterranean Bank. Packed with an array of specimens and always a family favourite.