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Hedgehog Friendly Campus Scheme

A national initiative to raise awareness of hedgehog decline and introduce practical steps to improve their habitats

The number of hedgehogs in rural areas has plummeted by as much as 50% and in urban gardens by 30% since the year 2000. There are perhaps just a million hedgehogs left, representing a 97% fall from the 30 million estimated to have roamed the UK in the 1950s.

This decline has been in part attributed to loss of hedgerows and familiar countryside habitats, leading hedgehogs to move into more urban environments where litter, busy roads and impermeable garden fencing and walls, significantly impact on their survival.

The Hedgehog Friendly Campus Scheme is a national initiative, run by the The British Hedgehog Preservation Society which supports staff and students to make their university, schools or college campus a place that hedgehogs can thrive.

Found a Hedgehog?

If you find an injured or vulnerable hedgehog in your garden, follow this guide and thencontact your local hedgehog rescue centre.

For those living in the North West and North Wales please contact Jacksons Animal Rescue

For those living in other areas, click here to find your local rescue.

How can I help?

If you work or study at the University of Liverpool and want to help make the University even more hedgehog friendly contact Zoë Chapman at:

Why not sign a petition to create more hedgehog highways across the country. Follow this link to sign the petition.

The most important thing you can do at home is make your garden more hedgehog friendly and tell your family and friends.


How-to-guides and information leaflets

Hedgehog highways at home

Feeding hedgehogs at home


Making your pond hedgehog friendly

How to make a Hedgehog Home

Hedgehog netting dangers


Stephanie from the Hedgehog Friendly Campus Scheme demonstrates how to check whether you have hedgehogs in your garden.

Vikki from the Hedgehog Friendly Campus Scheme shows you a few tips to help hedgehogs in your garden.

Zoe, Hedgehog Champion for the University of Liverpool, explains how to make a hedgehog home for your garden.


Both our education team and the friendly folk from the Hedgehog Friendly Campus Scheme have produced a collection of great activities.

Click on the following link to access Puzzles, Quizzes and Colouring Sheets.

Click on the following link to access a Hedgehog Template Craft