Félix Soubelet

Name  Félix Soubelet
 PhD Student

 The Oliver Lodge Laboratory
 University of Liverpool
 Cambridge St
 Liverpool, L69 7ZE, UK

Email  felix.soubelet@liverpool.ac.uk




Félix Soubelet graduated from Grenoble IT PHELMA with a nuclear engineering degree and from the university Grenoble Alpes a master’s degree in nuclear physics. 

His master’s thesis was performed at CERN as a technical student working on collective effects (and their modelling) for the LHC. He joined the QUASAR Group in October 2018 as student within the Liverpool Big Data Science CDT for a PhD shared between the University of Liverpool / Cockcroft Institute and CERN. The project deals with new advanced optics designs necessary for the HL-LHC upgrade project but is yet to be defined in more details. 



Advanced optics concepts for HLLHC