Accelerator Applications

We are increasingly working on applications of accelerators to address global challenges in health, security, energy, manufacturing & the environment.

The use of particle accelerators for medical applications has become increasingly important with dedicated facilities being built up around the world. In close collaboration with the High Energy Physics Group at Liverpool University and the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre, we have been developing an online beam monitor based on the LHCb VELO detector. In addition, the QUASAR Group leads a European research and training network on the Optimization of Medical Accelerators (OMA).

QUASAR Alexandra Alexandrova was awarded a special RSE/STFC Enterprise Fellowship. This puts her in an ideal position to help us push towards establishing a spin-off company that commercializes our beam instrumentation developments. This includes, but is not limited to, our work on a laser velocimeter for the characterization of particle beams, as well as on the design of novel ultra-compact radiation sources.