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EU Projects

The QUASAR Group works with partners from academia and industry on the establishment of an international education agenda in accelerator science and technology. We have been the driving force behind European training initiatives in accelerator science and technology for many years. Through the DITANET (beam diagnostics), oPAC (Optimization of Particle Accelerators), LA³NET (Laser Applications at Accelerators), OMA (Optimization of Medical Accelerators) and AVA (Accelerators Validating Antimatter physics) projects we have proposed and coordinated some of the largest training initiatives in Europe – in any scientific area.

The Group have organized a large number of international schools, topical workshops, conferences and outreach events. These events have contributed to raising public awareness of the importance of accelerators and light sources as underpinning technology with numerous benefits for science and society. We will organize many more events in the future – join in !

In addition, we coordinate the SiPMDITA-IIF and BeaPhy projects and are a partner in the Future Circular Collider Innovation Study (FCCIS) EuroCirCol and EuPRAXIA.