BIG Maths

What is BIG Maths?

BIG Maths is a transition workshop using giant mathematical resources, aimed at facilitating the introduction of Y5 and Y6 pupils from feeder primaries to their destination secondary school. However, the workshop is also suitable for Y7.

Y9 pupils from the secondary school act as peer mentors for the event, which is an empowering experience for them, and allows the visiting pupils an opportunity to meet with them in an informal way.


How does BIG Maths work?

A BIG Maths session lasts for 75 minutes, so we would normally run three sessions during a school day. A maximum of 60 primary pupils may participate and the primary pupils are divided into 6 teams of up to 10, though 6 – 8 per team is optimal. A large hall or similar space is required.

There is a carousel of different bases, at each of which one or more activities, supported by a Y9 peer mentor, will be found. Activities include a giant Soma Cube, giant tangrams, large solid pentominoes and a large version of the Towers of Hanoi.

The teams of primary pupils have about 10 minutes at a base, before everyone is asked to rotate to the next one, with the Y9 peer mentors rotating in the opposite direction. In this way, all of the pupils involved get to sample all of the activities, and meet as many other pupils as possible.

Big Maths

For more details, please download our BIG Maths FAQ.