Gifted and Talented Activities

University of Liverpool Maths Club

G&TThe University of Liverpool Maths Club meets monthly from September to April, usually on the last Saturday of the month. It is aimed at KS4 and KS5 pupils who are gifted and talented in mathematics. Each date consists of two interactive sessions, lasting from 10am until 12.30pm. There is a refreshment break between them and an optional light lunch is provided afterwards. Attendance is free of charge.

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Through the registered charity MEM (Mathematical Education on Merseyside), we also have a significant role in organising and delivering:


We run a series of five Masterclasses in Liverpool for able and enthusiastic pupils.

These take place on alternate Saturdays during the autumn term, and are hosted at the University of Liverpool, Liverpool Hope University, Liverpool John Moores University and Ridgeway High School on the Wirral.

Teachers are welcome to nominate up to three pupils from their school, who must be in Y8 or Y9 at the time they attend the Masterclasses, and must NOT have attended a previous MEM Masterclass series.

We are strictly limited by space to 60 pupils, so please ensure that the pupils you select are free on ALL of the dates and are aware that they are expected to attend ALL five sessions. This allows the maximum number of pupils to benefit.

Some places are reserved for winners of our Challenge competition; these places are funded by the Liverpool Mathematical Society. We ask schools to contribute £30 towards running costs for each pupil that they themselves nominate to take part in the Masterclasses. We request that schools, where possible, meet this cost from school funds to avoid disadvantaging pupils who wish to participate.

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Challenge Competitions

We run two take-home competitions for pupils to complete during the February half term holidays.

  • MEM Challenge for Year 7 & 8 pupils
  • MEM Senior Challenge for Year 9 & 10 pupils

Copies are posted in January to all local high schools and to anyone else who has registered an interest. Click here for more details and to download the latest question paper (when current), as well as an archive of previous years’ questions and solutions.

The deadline for returning entries is on the front of the particular question sheet and is usually early March.

There is a prize-giving evening held at the University of Liverpool, generally in early May, after which the solutions are posted on the website.

Additionally, the Liverpool Mathematical Society runs a similar competition, Open Challenge, which is aimed at sixth formers.