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Meet our Members

Discover more about our researchers and their interests.

Academic Staff

  • Professor Kanstantsin Dzehtsiarou (Director) - European human rights law, administration of international justice, comparative law. 
  • Dr Ben Murphy (Deputy Director) - International law and the use of force, the law and theory of international organisations, the interface between public law and international law, theories of global constitutionalism.
  • Professor Nicola Barker - Marriage and conjugality, human rights in the UK, British overseas territories constitutional law. 
  • Dr Antal Berkes - Public international law and international human rights law.
  • Dr Amanda Cahill Ripley - International human rights law [especially economic, social, and cultural rights]; violence, conflict, peacebuilding [including transitional justice]; the right to an adequate standard of living in both international and domestic context.
  • Judith Carter - Clinical legal skills, statelessness and applications for leave to remain, young people's statelessness.
  • Dr Azadeh Chalabi - National human rights action planning, business and human rights, global human rights governance.
  • Dr Áine Clancy - Illicitly acquired assets, grand corruption, money laundering, and white-collar crime.
  • Dr Seán Columb - Transnational crime, human trafficking, organised crime, extra-legal migration, illicit markets.
  • Professor Michelle Farrell - International law, human rights law, state power, violence.
  • Professor Amandine Garde - Consumer protection, public health, and trade law and policy.
  • Professor Barry Goldson - Criminal justice, criminology, law, social/public policy, social and economic history, sociology and socio-legal studies.
  • Professor Lydia Hayes - Working people’s law, economic well-being, democratic participation, politics, social citizenship, and public health.
  • Dr Sabine Jacques - The balance between freedom of expression and intellectual property rights, promoting cultural diversity in creative industries through copyright and algorithmic enforcement of intellectual property law.
  • Dr Katie Johnston -  Public international law, with particular interests in the law on the use of force (jus ad bellum), and the sources of international law. 
  • Dr Konstantina Maragkou - Political and diplomatic aspects of the Cold War, as well as the history of Human Rights and transnational activism.
  • Dr Gregor Maucec - International law and international adjudication.
  • Professor Padraig McAuliffe - Transitional justice, rule of law reconstruction, international criminal law.
  • Professor Valsamis Mitsilegas - Terrorism and human rights; surveillance, privacy, and data protection; criminalisation of migration; the rights.
  • Dr Vassilis Tzevelekos - Public international law, international/European humans rights protection.


Postgraduate Researchers

  • Demi-Lee Franklin - Public international law and international human rights law.
  • Deborah Lawson - Children’s human rights law and its applicability and effectiveness for children from Indigenous, ethnic minority, or marginalised groups.
  • Chiara Pavesi - International public law, international law of the sea, maritime security.


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