Photo of Dr Sabine Jacques

Dr Sabine Jacques PhD

Senior Lecturer in Intellectual Property Law Law


Personal Statement

Dr Sabine Jacques joined the School of Law and Social Justice in 2023 as Senior Lecturer in Intellectual Property Law. Her current research plans revolve around three main research areas: the balance between freedom of expression and intellectual property rights, promoting cultural diversity in creative industries through copyright and algorithmic enforcement of intellectual property law.

Before joining Liverpool University, Sabine gained recognition for her legal and interdisciplinary projects. Some of her notable contributions include: The Parody Exception in Copyright Law (Oxford University Press, 2019), The Playing Field in Audiovisual Advertising (CERRE-funded project, 2019) and The Impact on Cultural Diversity of Automated Anti-Piracy Systems as Copyright Enforcement Mechanisms: An Empirical Study of YouTube’s Content ID Digital Fingerprinting Technology (CREATe funded project, 2017).

Her work has been cited in EU Advocate General's opinions and quoted by the UK's specialist court, the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court, which is part of the Business and Property Courts of the High Court of Justice.

In addition to her research achievements, Sabine is deeply passionate about teaching. She has co-edited the book Teaching Intellectual Property Law: Strategy and Management (Edward Elgar, 2023), providing valuable insights into effective pedagogical approaches in intellectual property law education in and outside law schools. Furthermore, she has developed the innovative IP revision game, "IntangAbility", funded by the University of East Anglia, to enhance intellectual property learning experiences. She is a visiting lecturer at Maastricht University where she teaches UK Copyright Law on the IPKM programme and is Honorary Associate Professor at the University of East Anglia in acknowledgment of her research and teaching contributions.

She is also an expert analyst for the EU Law Analysis project, contributing her legal expertise to pertinent issues in European law. She also serves on the advisory board of the Network for Empirical Legal Studies in Intellectual Property (NELSIP), where she actively contributes to the development of empirical research methodologies in intellectual property law.

Finally, Sabine welcomes inquiries from media organisations and has previously lent her expertise to renowned outlets such as The Washington Post, BBC, and L’Echo, offering insights on intellectual property law and related topics.