The Environmental Sciences Athena SWAN Team

The Athena SWAN is a national charter recognising commitment to women’s career development in science, engineering and technology. The charter works to further and support equality and diversity for staff and students in higher education.

The University has held a bronze award since 2012, and is committed to gaining Silver School levels awards by 2015. The School of Environmental Sciences is devoted to promoting gender equality, and we successfully achieved bronze award in April 2016.

Committee Members

  • Dr Kate Parr: Committee Chair
  • Dr Barbara Mauz: Deputy Chair
  • Professor Douglas Mair: Head of School
  • Ms Verity Foster: School Manager
  • Professor Jonathan Sharples: Head of Department (DEOES)
  • Professor Andrew Plater: Head of Department (G+P)
  • Dr Lucy Jackson - Lecturer in Geography
  • Dr Kimberley Peters - Lecturer in Geography
  • Dr James Lea - Lecturer in Geography
  • Dr Leonie Robinson - Lecturer in Marine Biology
  • Dr Fabienne Marret-Davies - Reader in Environmental Sciences
  • Dr Andy Heath - Senior Research Fellow
  • Dr Pragya Agarwal - Post-doctoral Research Associate
  • Lindsay Davies - Management Services Team Leader
  • Rebecca Prescott - Secretary