Best practices within the School

We are proud of the practices that have been shown to help us achieve our objectives.

What have we done?

  • Established Athena SWAN award since 2015/16 to reward undergraduate students on contributions in promoting the participation of women in engineering.
  • Implementation of faculty level guidelines on academic appointments to address unconscious bias during selection and interview stages.
  • Implementation of faculty level guidelines to support staff returning to work following maternity leave. Since 2013 the School has a 100% retention rate of staff returning to work from maternity leave.
  • 100% completion rate of academic and professional staff PDR since 2015.
  • High completion rate of staff on equality and diversity and unconscious bias training.
  • Mentoring system available to all staff to assist in career progression.
  • Updated School website to enhance the visibility of female role models and enhanced female participation across in-house outreach events.
  • Wider participation of the School's Athena SWAN representatives on committees including Athena SWAN steering group, LivWise, BAME, REF, SSLC, and family-friendly advisor.
  • Fostering a supportive environment including diverse means of attending meetings including Skype, availability of gender-neutral toilets and nursing rooms and free sanitary towel provision in female toilets.
  • The School established an expression room for mothers.
  • The School of EEECS introduced the 'Take one or Donate one’ scheme, which allows individuals to ‘take’ and/or ‘donate’ sanitary products in female and disabled toilets within EEE and CS buildings. It offers environmentally friendly products (100% natural bamboo) made from recyclable and biodegradable material.

    The scheme is fully self-funded, and we encourage staff and students to be involved, either by donating regularly or using the products only when in need. The scheme can also be supported through our fundraising activities.

    - General School meetings are organised during core working hours of 10:00 to 16:00 so as to support staff with childcare and carer responsibilities.

Policies for staff and students

Diversity & Equality policies

Diversity & Equality policies staff networks

Diversity & Equality policies support for staff

Diversity & Equality policies support for students 


For any further information, news or queries, please contact Dr Munira Raja or Ms Jane Gallagher.


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