Diversity and Equality Policies and Action Plans

The following documents detail the University's policies and action plans to continue as a champion of Diversity and Equalilty in the workplace. 

Diversity & Equality Policies

Bullying & Harassment Policy

aka Dignity at Work and Study

  1. Bullying and Harassment Policy
  2. Procedure A: Staff v Staff
  3. Procedure B: Staff v Student
  4. Procedure C: Student v Staff
  5. Procedure D: Student v Student
  6. Online Report Online (Staff only)
  7. Student Bullying and Harassment Advisors

Family Friendly Policies

  1. Adoption and Surrogacy Leave Policy
  2. Flexible Working Policy
  3. Maternity Leave Policy 
  4. Paternity Leave Policy
  5. Parental Leave Policy
  6. Shared Parental Leave Policy
  7. Special Leave Policy

For further information on Keeping in Touch Days, Childcare, Children's Centre, facilities and resources please visit the Family Friendly webpages

Other related policies


Below is some guidance available for staff or students:

  1. LGBT Students Fact Sheet
  2. Access to Work (Disabled Staff)