Check out equality, diversity, inclusion and wellbeing (EDI&W)-related dates that the University of Liverpool highlights through events and training. Also available is a calendar which aims to further increase awareness of the numerous other notable dates throughout the academic year that may be of interest.

The Cultural Calendar Club from Powered By Diversity

Employees of the University of Liverpool have access to an exciting range of virtual talks and events via the Cultural Calendar Club website, hosted by Powered by Diversity.

These events mark a number of dates throughout the year covering a wide range of equality, diversity, inclusion and wellbeing (EDI&W) related topics from expert speakers. These events provide staff with a great opportunity to further their knowledge on the broad spectrum of EDI&W related topics.

Find out what events you can book on to via the Cultural Calendar Club website.

Staff can also catch up on past events via the Cultural Calendar Library. For access to this, visit our staff intranet page where you will find the password to the library.

Please find a few events, which are taking place (virtually) over the next few months, listed below.

Important note: There are a limited number of free tickets available per event, so be sure to book your place as soon as possible.


Event description

22 June


One Leader, Two Genders

It’s more challenging to lead as a woman than as a man. Join Cynthia in Pride Month to hear her story of having been both - and discover her philosophy of Acceptance without Understanding™.

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10 July


When parents and businesses thrive

For Global Day Of The Parent we’re going to take your organisation from transactional to transformational when it comes to empowering line managers and parents. Join us to find out how to actually keep things inclusive for parents and ideas you can implement right away.

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9 August


Belonging in the workplace

Too Indian to be British and too British to be Indian - this is a paradox that many first-generation British Asians find themselves in. Born and brought up in England, Shivani always identified as British first, before identifying with being Indian, though there’s one part of her life where this isn’t true…

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8 September


How To Talk To Your Mates About Mental Health

It’s Suicide Prevention Week and we all know that talking to a mates about their mental health could save their life - but it’s easier said than done. Join us to meet Dave who’s dedicated his career to making it easier and will share his tips and techniques with you.

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EDI & Wellbeing Calendar

Further to the above events, this calendar aims to increase awareness of the numerous other notable dates throughout the academic year that may be of interest.

Download the Equality, Diversity, Inclusion & Wellbeing Calendar (PDF, 1MB)
Accessible version of the Equality, Diversity, Inclusion & Wellbeing Calendar of the Equality, Diversity, Inclusion & Wellbeing Calendar (Word, 153KB) is also available.

Key dates

Black History Month (October)

World Mental Health Day - intranet (October)

Disability History Month (November - December)

Race Equality Week (February)

LGBT History Month (February)

International Women's Day and Women's History Month (March)

International Transgender Day of Visibility (March)

Stephen Lawrence Day (April)

Mental Health Awareness Week (May)

Pride Month (June)

Liverpool Pride (July)