International Women's Day 2021

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Programme of Events

Message from the VC

Watch this short video where Prof Dame Janet Beer invites you to engage with International Women's Day.

WATCH: Women in Music 2021

See Links below. Celebrating the diversity of Women in Music with an interactive day of presentations and performances. Expand your knowledge and network at this future-focussed forum of women working in music globally. Enjoy a day of presentations, interactive session, and performances.

WATCH: Let ’s Shine a Light on Women in STEM

University log in details required. STEM disciplines are among the many areas where women’s potential is often still being “STEMmed”. We will try to face some of the issues starting from the statistics published in “She Figures” and share the stories of some prominent women scientists.

If women ran the world

In this talk, Jim Adams, Professor of Political Science present the theoretical arguments that women’s presence in parties’ parliamentary delegations defuses dislike among their partisan opponents.

WATCH: Women In Football Panel Event (9/3/2021)

Panel discussion featuring Prof Laura McAllister (Women's Football Committee UEFA), Lisa Fallon (Head Coach, Galway United FC), Jade Morgan (General Manager Leicester City FC Women), Faye Carruthers (TalkSport), and Prof Sue Bridgewater (University of Liverpool).

WATCH: Lunchtime Concert Series featuring Equilibrium

Equilibrium is a new ensemble dedicated to performing works by women composers in an attempt to redress the gender imbalance in the programming of classical music concerts.

WATCH: A Women's History of the Beatles

Dr Christine Feldman-Barrett, author of A Women’s History of the Beatles, in conversation with Dr Holly Tessler, Lecturer and Beatles expert, explore how the iconic Liverpool band have shaped, and have been shaped by, the women in their lives.

Virtual Pub Quiz: International Women's Day

Test your zoom quiz knowledge and storm to victory at a virtual pub quiz like no other!

carousel mentoring networking event

ULMS host Northern Power Women; Pay it forward

A carousel mentoring event for students and early career staff to meet with industry professionals.

Designing Women on Roman Funerary Altars

Guest speaker: Sarah Sheard (Cambridge) looks at the representation of female bodies on 1st-2nd century AD Italian funerary altars.

Women in Music

Celebrating the diversity of Women in Music with an interactive day of presentations and performances. Expand your knowledge with this future-focussed forum of women working in music globally.

WATCH: Session 1

Dr Simran Singh Leverhulme Early Career Fellow (Liverpool) and Dr Laura Colgate Executive Director of Boulanger ask how can decolonisation help us challenge inequity in the 21st century? and how do we enrich our collective understanding of what music is, has been, and can be?

WATCH: Session 2

Rie Sinclair Emmy-nominated singer songwriter and producer and Vick Bain former CEO of the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors address key questions about the representation on women in the industry.

WATCH: Session 4

Dr Margaret Anne Schedel, Professor and Co-Director Computer Music Stony Brook University New York and Vanessa Reed President and CEO New Music USA to take a closer look at what is the latest research into current practices of women in electronic music?

WATCH: Session 5

Panel Discussion, chaired by Dr Holly Tessler (Liverpool), featuring Janine Irons MBE, Margaret Anne Schedel, Vanessa Reed, Simran Singh, Rie Sinclair and Laura Colgate who debate how we chart a course that empowers the women music professionals of the future.

IWD Podcast Special: Endometriosis

Endometriosis affects 1 in 10 women in the UK. March is Endometriosis Awareness Month and this International Women's Day listen to our special podcasts to find out more about this condiction.

In conversation with Endometriosis UK: Supporting colleagues to understand the facts, myths and tips. In this podcast we introduce and discuss the condition Endometriosis which affects the lives of women, both in their personal life and in the workplace.

HE Colleagues' personal perspectives: Living with Endometriosis, personally and professionally. In this podcast we discuss the impact that Endometriosis has had on Gemma and Ula’s lives and some of the ways we, as colleagues working in HE, could support those suffering from the condition.

Understanding Endometriosis: The medical viewpoint, exploring diagnosis, treatments and barriers to research. In this podcast we discuss some of the research related to endometriosis and our colleagues’ experiences of supporting women with the condition.

Victoria Gallery & Museum Culture Bites

Culture Bite Concert (Part 1)

Culture Bite Concert (Part 2)

Mary Adelaide Broadhurst

Blogs, News and Media

Why we need to disrupt gendered perceptions of sexual crime

"When it comes to an event such as Women’s History Month, we rightly celebrate women’s achievements and the historical contributions that they have made, in addition to exploring women’s lives and experiences..." by Deana Heath

From Uzbekistan, with love: the communist career of Evgeniia Zel’kina

"The biography of Evgeniia L’vovna Zel’kina cuts an unexpected path across the history of early Soviet Uzbekistan. Zel’kina was born in 1900 in Moscow, in the family of a Jewish doctor ..." by Beatrice Penati.

Meet our Women in Physical Sciences

This International Women's Day, find out about these 21 women working in our Chemistry, Maths, and Physics Departments as researchers and academics.

Remembering the working class Suffragettes

"During Women’s History Month it is easy to continue to celebrate the big names of Millicent Fawcett and Emmeline Pankhurst ... yet more should be done to remember the working women who were subjected to horrific treatment whilst fighting for their rights"

Mary Mary, quite contrary: a statue for Wollstonecraft

Dr Myriam Wilks-Heeg gives her view on the contraversial new statue honouring feminist icon, Mary Wollstonecraft.

Dept of History Women's History Month

Visit the Department of History's webpages featuring expert blogs and videos, useful resources.

Inspirational Women from the University Archives

Take a look at some of the inspirational women from the University archives. These women were some of the firsts in their fields to achieve significant feats and paved the way for many of the University’s current staff, students and wider community.

Special Collections & Archives: Dame Rose Heilbron DBE

In our second blog post of International Women’s Day, we celebrate the fascinating life and career of University of Liverpool alumna Dame Rose Heilbron DBE (1914-2005), a trailblazer for women in the field of professional law.

Special Collections & Archives: Dora Esther Yates (1879-1973)

In 1900, Dora Esther Yates (1879-1973) became the first Jewish woman to graduate with an MA (in English Language and Literature) from a British University.

Celebrating the incredible women in Medicine

Protests Against the Miss World Contest, 1970

International Women's Day – Reflections

"This year’s blog provides us with an opportunity to reflect on all that has happened in the previous year, and how our contributors have dealt with and responded to the challenges presented to them, and other women, throughout the pandemic ..." by School of Law and Social Justice.

International Women's Day - Butterfly Moments

"We shine a spotlight on Jayne, a member of our Professional Services Team in the School of Law and Social Justice ..." by Jayne Bryson.

Responding to the Shadow Pandemic

"As we look towards International Women's Day on 8th March, we take a look at the research being undertaken by Prof Sandra Walklate, Prof Barry Godfrey and Dr Jane Richardson looking at the impacts that the pandemic has had since March 2020 on domestic abuse towards women ..." by Prof Barry Godfrey, Prof Sandra Walklate and Dr Jane Richardson.

International Sex Workers’ Rights Day

"What is so special about the 3rd of March? Well it happens to be International Sex Workers’ Rights Day (and my birthday). It also marks 19 years of my own involvement with the sex industry ..." by Dr Gemma Ahearne.

From the Archive

It's never too late to listen to one of our previous podcasts with female leaders and experts. Follow the links below.

In conversation with Holly Ridings, the Chief Flight Director of NASA were she discusses her career, exploring the challenges, as well as the opportunities, of working as the Chief Flight Director as a woman, and the importance of mentors and role models.

In conversation with Dr Mandisa Greene: Reflections on becoming a vet, becoming President of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, and on racism and anti-racism within the veterinary profession.

In this podcast Dr Jess Wade (Imperial) a postdoc in plastic electronics, talks about her passion for raising awareness of the work and contribution of female scientists who can be overlooked.

In conversation with Kim Johnson MP: Reflections on becoming a Member of Parliament, on being Liverpool's first Black MP, on the Capital of Culture, Politics, and BHM.

In this podcast we meet Nadia Soliman, former Army Officer and current PhD student at Imperial. We discuss Nadia’s belief that the Army and academic institutions are very similar in terms of their work globally engaging people to do remarkable things to tackle challenges.

In conversation with Councillor Anna Rothery: Reflections on being a Black Liverpudlian, on being the first Black Lord Mayor of Liverpool, on racism and anti-racism in Liverpool.

Angela Saini is an award-winning science journalist, author and broadcaster. In this podcast we discuss Angela’s most recent book, Superior, which explores the existence of racism in science.

In this podcast, we meet Sarah Waite, psychologist, coach and founder of SeingCo. We discuss the importance of finding time for taking care of our personal wellbeing in our busy and challenging lives.

Women in Data Science

With Alessia Caladiore.

Role Models in Research

With Xinxin Cao

Black in Geoscience

With Louisa Brotherson

Perspectives of the Professor of Geography

With Janet Hooke

Fieldwork experiences

With Grace Skirrow

Women in Ocean Sciences

With Claire Mahaffey

IWD Tweets

Other IWD Events featuring Uni of Liverpool experts

WATCH: Women in the present, women in the past

An online keynote lecture by Dr Rachel Pope (SHL&C) as part of the ‘Modern’ Women of the Past? Unearthing Gender and Antiquity conference, Chau Chak Wing Museum.

Studying Herstories: Reading, Writing, and Literacy Practices

A Women's History Network event featuring Amy Solomons talking about Women’s Management and Use of Private Libraries, 1680-1830. Monday 8 March, 10:45-11:45am

Studying Herstories: Gendered State Structures

A Women's History Network event featuring Catherine Tully talking about Newspaper Reports As Articulations of Resistance to the Execution of Women in Britain 1868-1899. Monday 8 March, 3-4pm

International Intervention Post-Natural Hazard

Join Aston University for a discussion on the pros and cons of intervention post-natural hazard on behalf of an affected population, featuring Dr Gemma Bird (Politics). Monday 8 March, 3-4pm

Women’s Leadership in the Time of Covid-19

Part of Durham University's IWD programme Dr Supriya Garikipati (Management School) will present her recent research on the impact of gender on the success of leadership of a nation during the Covid-19 pandemic. Monday 8 March 14:00 -15:30

International Woman's Week 2021 - Prof. Enitan Carrol & Prof. Heidi Mirza

Organised by UCL hear from Prof. Enitan Carrol (Liverpool) on ‘Widening representation of minority ethnic groups in academia’ & Prof. Heidi Mirza (LSE) on ‘Inside the Ivory Tower: Black, Asian and Muslim Women in Academia' followed by a Q&A. Monday 8 March, 13:15-15:30

WATCH: “The Power of Knowledge Graphs”.

Join Iqra Muhammad, a PhD Student at the #IWD2021 'Meet the @pyladies' event.

National and International Events