UK Disability History Month

Disability History Month 2023

Disability History Month spans from 16 November to 16 December, providing an opportunity to reflect on the past and promote growth in the present and future.

What’s happening at the University of Liverpool?

The University is hosting several events to promote neurodiversity awareness. On 28 November, the Brain Charity will facilitate a half-day training session for 20 delegates, focusing on understanding neurodiversity and supporting neurodivergent colleagues.

Additionally, on 1 December, a one-hour session will be held for 100 delegates to introduce the topic of neurodiversity in the workplace.

These training sessions aim to educate colleagues on embracing neurodiversity, particularly in higher education, and will cover topics such as defining neurodiversity, understanding diagnoses, reasonable adjustments, and supporting colleagues.

For more information on how to procure the training in your own department, visit Workplace neurodiversity training from the Brain Charity.

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More events at the University and beyond


Let us know what you are doing for Disability History Month

If you are planning to organise an event at the Unievrsity to mark Disability History Month, please complete this form so our team can help promote it.

Disabled Staff Network

The University of Liverpool also offers support for disabled or neurodiverse colleagues through various channels, including the Disabled Staff Network, which organises meetings and events for disabled staff and their supporters.

More information on accessibility at the University can be found on our the Disability webpage.

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