Bullying and Harassment


All members of the University of Liverpool community have the right to be treated with dignity and respect, in an environment free from all forms of bullying, intimidation, harassment and victimisation. The University has zero tolerance of bullying and harassment behaviour between members of our community and where evidence supports an allegation, appropriate action will be taken. 

These pages provide information on the Bullying and Harassment Policy and Procedures and on the support available to all staff and students who are concerned about bullying or harassment.

Policy and Procedure

The University's Bullying and Harassment Policy for staff and students:

  1. Bullying and Harassment Policy (PDF)
  2. Procedure A: Staff v Staff (Word)
  3. Procedure B: Staff v Student (Word)
  4. Procedure C: Student v Staff (Word)
  5. Procedure D: Student v Student (Word)

Report Bullying and Harassment

  1. Report Online (Staff Only)
  2. Information for Students
  3. Contact a Bullying & Harassment Adviser (below)

Bullying and Harassment Advisers

  1. Advisers for Staff
  2. Advisers for Students

Sexual Assault, Harassment & Hate Crime of students

The University takes these issues very seriously and has a number of proactive interventions in place to tackle sexual assault, harassment and hate crime affecting our students.

  1. Information for Staff
  2. Information for Students

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