Fertility Treatment Statement

The University recognises the physical and emotional stress of undergoing fertility testing and treatment for assisted conception and understands the impact this can have on employees. In order to support colleagues during this time the University offers;

  • Female employees- five days paid leave per cycle of treatment, limited to one cycle per twelve months and no more than three cycles. This leave is for the purpose of receiving and recovering from fertility treatment and to attend appointments specifically associated with the IVF process (i.e. pre-booked interventions for consultant appointments, collection and delivery of eggs, monitoring tests, etc.).
  • Male Employees- If it is an essential requirement within the course of treatment for the partner to attend a specific appointment, the University will also allow up to two days of fertility treatment leave per cycle, limited to one cycle per twelve months and no more than three cycles.
  • Partners supporting - Where partners are not receiving treatment but would like to attend appointments these will be treated the same as ante natal care allowing the paid attendance at two appointments per cycle, limited to one cycle per twelve months.

Wherever possible, appointments for the investigation of, and testing for, fertility problems should be arranged outside of normal working hours. Where flexible working arrangements are not practical, time taken during working hours will be treated in the same way as for other doctor/hospital appointments and will be paid.

The University is aware that appointments and subsequent time off during fertility treatment may be required at short notice and managers are asked to be considerate of this and allow flexibility in leave wherever possible.

Request for leave for fertility treatment will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Should the member of staff require time off because of the side effects of the treatment, this will be subject to the University’s normal sickness absence provisions. Sickness absence associated with IVF will not be regarded as ‘pregnancy-related’.

Sickness absence taken following implantation of a fertilised ovum that is related to the procedure itself, will not be counted towards the triggers in the Sickness Absence Policy.

Should an employee exhaust the time allowed under this policy, discussion with the individual will help to establish whether annual leave, sickness absence or any other type of leave or flexible working arrangements would be the most applicable.


Fertility Treatment Statement

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