Keeping in Touch (KIT) Days

Every member of staff taking Maternity Leave, Shared Parental Leave, and Adoption or Surrogacy Leave is entitled to up to ten Keeping in Touch (also known as SPLIT) days. These allow staff to attend work, meetings or conferences and can be helpful in staying connected to the workplace and planning the return to work. 

The Universities Children’s Centre are able to provide childcare during employees Keeping in Touch Days. The centre is located on campus and has been rated ‘Good’ in its most recent OFSTED inspection. To register for a place the centre will require 3 weeks’ notice and a completed Centre Registration Pack. For further information please contact or The Children's Centre Website.

Key Points

  • You are entitled to a maximum of ten Keeping in Touch days
  • Keeping in Touch days must be agreed in advance with your manager
  • Keeping in Touch Days must be at your request and can not be requested by your manager
  • You will receive time off in lieu or payment for days worked without affecting your leave. 

Please refer to the relevant policies (below) for full details.


Adoption and Surrogacy Leave Policy

Apply for KIT days through CoreHR Employee Request

Application for Keeping in Touch Days - Additional Paternity Leave

Adoption Leave- KIT/SPLIT Days

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