Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Team

The School has established a strong and functional self-assessment team (SAT). The goal is to advance a wider range of equality topics.

The team undertakes a thorough and constant self-assessment which includes:

  • Identifying challenges and opportunities with regards to equality, diversity and inclusion, and responding to them
  • Evaluating policies, practices and activities
  • Establishing equality-based priority areas
  • Developing action plans and monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of actions undertaken

Each individual feels passionately about equality, diversity and inclusion activities and is committed to making an impact within the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

Members of the self-assessment team

Dr Munira Raja - chair

  • Lecturer in electical engineering and electronics, with research interests in the development of organic devices/circuits for low-cost applications  
  • School lead and member of the steering group for Athena SWAN 
  • Member of the search committee on academic recruitment 
  • MEng group project coordinator 
  • Member of the Black and Minority Ethnic Staff Network (BAME)
  • Senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and chartered engineer of the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET)
  • Sits on the board of studies committee

 Ms Jane Gallagher - charter member

  • School management services team leader 
  • Member of the Athena SWAN School SAT from the onset 
  • Family-friendly adviser and trained mental health first aider 
  • Parent with two children, one with special needs

Dr Floriana Grasso

  • Lecture in computer science 
  • Previously led Athena SWAN to successful bronze award 
  • Deputy director and chair of the BOE for online MSc programmes 
  • Academic lead for computer science on international opportunities  
  • Parent with two teenage sons

Dr Jeffrey Ray

  • Lecturer in Computer Science
  • Research interests in the Cyber security, Natural language Processing,Big Data Machine Learning Neural Networks
  • Fellow of the higher Education Academy

Dr Kai Hoettges 

  • Lecturer in electrical engineering and electronics, with research interests in the development of instruments for electrical characterization and manipulation of cells and tissues 
  • Co-founder of two spin-off companies with significant project management and manufacturing expertise 
  • Final year undergraduate project coordinator 
  • Sits on recruitment committee and faculty’s early career forum 
  • Parent with two young daughters

Dr Angel Garcia-Fernandez

  • Lecturer in electrical engineering and electronics, with research interests in bayesian interference with emphasis on non-linear kalman filtering, particle filtering and multiple target tracking 
  • Liaison officer of electrical engineering and electronics for mathematics and engineering

Dr Alkmini Sgourita

  • Lecturer in computer science with a research interest in algorithmic game theory and mechanism design, auctions, algorithms and combinatorics 
  • Parent with one child

Flávia Isabel de Araújo e Castro Alves

Flavia image

  • PhD Student in the Department of Computer Science
  • Research interests in Machine Learning and Computer Vision
  • Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy
  • Member of the Postgraduate (research) Staff-Student Liaison Committee

Ms Ella Fox-Widdows

Image of Ella Fox-Widdows

  • PhD student in the Plasma Group in EEE Department.
  • Striving to improve diversity, equality and inclusion in STEM via outreach and science communication

Ms Hannah Melia

  • Apprentice on the management services team
  • Recent graduate in modern languages
  • Previously president of the Spanish Society and held a Grace Brown prize in Catalan
  • Passionate about cross-culture relations to provide support to staff and students to implement Athena SWAN values across the university

Ms Alison Goodyear

  • School PGR student experience administrator
  • Member of the steering group for Athena SWAN
  • Former chartered accountant and former treasurer of a number of committees
  • Single parent of two children

Ms Andrea Bainbridge

  • School Digital Communications Officer
  • Member of UG and PG SSLC

Mrs Fatma Elhouni

  • Graduate teaching assistant
  • PhD student in High Frequency group in the Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Research interest in Liquid antenna designs and novel materials
  • Parent of one son


Ms Elektra Kypridemou

  • PhD student in the Department of Computer Science
  • Research project at the University of Liverpool is a collaboration between the Computer Science Department and the Visual Perception Lab, in the Department of Psychology

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